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Best mixing Engineer-Ahmed Sabbir
Ahmed Sabbir

Nice to meet you! I believe I am one of the best mixing engineers-Ahmed Sabbir that you are searching for.

I’m a professional mixing/mastering engineer with years of experience serving clients in 20+ countries

Because I am based in Bangladesh, I am able to provide super competitive rates to my clients. While still being able to make a fair living myself. And you’ll get the same incredible quality as you would from mixers in the top music markets. 

I’m a mixing engineer from Bangladesh. I have a graduation in music production and recording arts and 10 years of experience. And help independent artists and bands to find their true sound with my mixing.

So I only work with online clients nowadays and these are people from all over the world. They send me their song, I mix and master and send it back to them.


Most of my clients are in the modern pop and alternative rock genre. However, I have worked with a vast area of music throughout my whole career.

My dream is to mix as such so not only my clients but every listener enjoys the music as much as we do!
I have graduated from the Music Production and Recording program at the University of Stavanger’s Department of Music in 2017. During my time in Stavanger, I was actively engaged in the studio. Learning ins and out of recording as well as audio engineering.

I worked with a wide variety of music productions. Including those with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, jazz and chamber music ensembles, brass bands and various other soloists and ensembles. In addition, I worked independently with my own music. And worked in surround sound research projects under the supervision of faculty Mark Drews.

I’ve also attended various mixing masterclass and workshops like ‘Music Production workshop with Elliot Mazer (Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Santana, Frank Sinatra)’. Live Sound Training Workshop with DigiGrid and Waves AudioAVID Workshop with Rob Allan (Coldplay, Massive Attack), Audio Mastering bootcamp with Thor Legvold (Sonovo Mastering) and so on. Upon completing my graduation I moved to Oslo and worked part-time in Urban Sound City Studios with Thomas Wang and Jock Loveband where I got to work with Bard Kolstad (Leprous) and many other local artists.

I’m now located back to my home country in Dhaka, Bangladesh and working as one of the best mixing engineers from my 10 year old studio. Nowadays I’m working with clients all over the world as well as working as an advisor for a UK based music production resource company and Udemy.

Feel free to click the button below and answer some quick questions for me so I can see if it’s fit. If it is I’ll book a call with you to talk about your music and what you’re trying to achieve.


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